Zip Lock Bags

Minigrip (self-seal) Bags are closed at the top by squeezing the interlocking zipper together. Ideal where you want to secure contents and avoid leakage or contamination, no need of bag-sealer, staples or tape.

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A01 Zip Lock 40×40, A02 Zip Lock 50×70, A03 Zip Lock 65×80, A05 Zip Lock 80×120, A06 Zip Lock – 100×110, A07 Zip Lock – 100×150, A08 Zip Lock – 120×180, A09 Zip Lock – 150×180, A010 Zip Lock – 150×250, A011 Zip Lock – 180×320, A012 Zip Lock – 215×315, A013 Zip Lock – 250×360, A014 Zip Lock – 305×420


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