Most unpleasant flights in both directions. 2016/04/12 for Seat 44F, on Best seat in this class! Great window seat with three windows and clear aisle access too. The ergonomically seats recline 9 centimers. I don't remember ever feeling so cramped on a flight before, and that includes short haul and regional flights. 18H, there is a dog leg in the aisle from premium economy to this seat. Good food and an attentive cabin crew who laughed at all of our stupid jokes. The BA 787 from Austin to London is consistently one of the least comfortable planes I've ever been on. The central bins above these rows are non-opening and used for airplane hardware, so all seats have to use the side bins, meaning that they fill up quicker. 2017/08/13 for Seat 1a, on Royal Livingstone Hotel Anantara – Top Luxury in the Zambian Jungle, Los Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX). Seat 37F features the in-flight entertainment box at the passenger's feet which impairs legroom. This is not convenient for either passenger! 2016/11/17 for Seat 43H, on Best seats in the plane. amzn_assoc_textlinks = "B00YRWHZO6,B000065BPB,B0179H8SDC,B002HWJT1A,B00HDD9FQ2,B00WE1RWCC,B018U6YUWE,B004K09H32,B0151KNFLY,B00IUICOR6,B00NG57H4S,B00M1NEUKK,B00D4INF0M,B000065BPB"; Last time I'll fly BA Business Class. USB ports are also available at each seat.Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for more information. My flight in November was to Dubai on the new A350 with the new Club seating. The entertainment system was very good, food was just ok. Next to the toilet and constantly being pestered by people hanging onto the seat awaiting the loo, plus when curtain drawn it gets pushed against you as people and staff pass through the cabin. Seat 21 B is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. This seat features unrestricted aisle access. 2016/04/21 for Seat 34A, on Seat 40 J is a standard World Traveller seat. But the seat width is narrow and there is little shoulder room. The configuration is bizarre. My first experience flying Norwegian and the flight was delayed for over two hours! Shame on you Boeing and BA. Please note that this is a Norwegian retail site, hence Norwegian legislation and rules apply to any fees and/or charges. We always go for these seats on flights because my partner has mobility issues. I'm 5'6", and the footstool is just to far for me to comfortably relax without lying flat. I would use this seat again. Business Premier. This aircraft features 8 First Class open suites, 42 flat bed Club World seats, 39 World Traveller Plus seats, and 127 standard Economy Seats. 2017/06/29 for Seat 1K, on The close proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome as passengers might congregate in this area. Leg room on this aircraft is appauling, with 17" seat width and AVOD boxes under every seat taking up 50% of your leg room. No personal space for storage, cramped seat, awkward placement of controls, no amenities to speak of, weird configuration of seats - like packing sardines in a can. The Dreamliner is beautiful nonetheless: excellent air quality and overall design that reduces feeling of claustrophobia. 2016/10/12, on Reserve Seats Book Now SELECT. This was an overnight flight and it was onetime despite a late departure. The recline was ok on the seat and the adjustable headrest could be quite comfortable, if there was just another 2 inches of legroom. 34C has no AV box and aisle - the windows are big and a novelty - but dont bother and take the leg room. Seat 34 K is a standard World Traveller seat. Futhermore, as i boarded the plane, and being in First, the idiot standing at the door just waved his hand in the general direction of the cabin, not even bothering to take me there, nor hand me over, so a bad start. Bring back First BA! The seating arrangement on the business class is peculiar, need to go over rear passenger feet while they are sleeping to get to the aisle. Foot space for this seat compromised but not badly by the in flight entertainment system. Nobody jumping over your feet to get access to their seat. Horrific. As long as you don't need access to your carry-on (there's no under-seat storage) the added legroom of having a bulkhead seat is worth giving up that convenience. The 787 is a wonderful aircraft too. 2017/06/11 for Seat 17F, on I've travelled in WT on the 787 and would not recommend. If you have to fly with BA on this type, consider paying for a premium seat. This seat might have limited recline. 2016/12/29 for Seat 16A, on Try getting up to go to the washroom when the seats in front of you are in the reclining position, especially if you are a senior and those occupants are asleep ....... no further comment .... Media box made it impossible to fit a small backpack under the seat. there is barely enough room for your feet. Seats 1E and 1F are good options for daytime flights, but at night the backlight from the BA logo at the front of the cabin means these seats never get dark. If you dont want the passengers to touch the bun, why cant you put the bun on the passenger side plate using tong after the passenger has pointed to the bun that he wants? How to get your Rail & Fly train tickets I miss the days when Business Class meant a wide, well-padded seat with ample room to store items under the seat, and easy access to the items. 2018/09/05 for Seat 11e, on This seat does not have floor storage during take off and landing. My seats were very comfortable the service was very good and cabin crew very helpful. I would not recommend seats 20D-F. The window and isle seats give good privacy but than you have to crawl over another passenger to exit the seat if they have the seat in the lay flat position. Toilet noises also quite loud. Very good experience. found condensation running on the ceiling and dropping on me, my seat and on the entertainment screen. 2019/10/20 for Seat 2A, on I chose the seat 35C after checking seatguru reviews, which were right: this seat does not have any entertainment box on the floor so you have more space. While serving drinks before take off, by the time the stewardess got to me, she had only wine, orange juice and water on her tray. Hotel Panviman Koh Phangan – A treasure on a beautiful crescent moon beach, The Lebua Hotel in Bangkok – World´s Leading Luxury All-Suite Hotel, Hotel del Parque – 5 Star Top Luxury in Guayaquil. Seat 2 A is a First Class suite. Flew nonstop from Austin to London in seat 30A. Club World is made even better with this plane. The service on my side was terrible although on my wife's side it was good. 2015/12/27, Boeing 777-200 (772) Three Class Layout 1, Boeing 777-200 (772) Three Class Layout 2, Boeing 777-200 (772) Three Class Layout 3. The seat in front has entertainment box underneath on right hand side. 2018/08/20 for Seat 13K, on 2018/12/20 for Seat 30F, on He is a big guy, so I'd recommend this seat only for lean people. More in this section. Seat 17 K is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the middle seat. Luckily there were open seats in the forward middle. SilkAir fleet. Premium Economy looked more like what I was looking for: an oversize, conventional seat (i.e. Bit tighter compared to a 777 but has useful gap between seat and the window for storing stuff. I thought they were good choices for this aircraft, especially this window seat, since you don't have to cross over anyone's legs to get out. Also didn't have a problem at all with seat width. Space is good, and the food main course comes from Club World. First trip ln the Dreamloner, which inwas dreading after all the negative reviews. Nice seats against bulkhead so no climbing over anyone else's feet to exit, and sleeping was very comfortable in the flat position. The guy next to me wasn't particularly large, but I felt trapped in my own little cell. ALthough there are entertainment boxes, there is no divider on the floor between the seats so there is a lot of room for your feet. Service was subpar. I am 5' 10" and 160lb- the legroom and width for this seat (and others) was fine for me. Terrible configuration for such a great plane. * Seat pitch - the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. 2018/09/12 for Seat 37H, on 2018/12/03 for Seat 19D, on These seats are located in 8 rows divided into 2 sections. Up your game BA. Last row of the plane so the seats on either side are in pairs, paid extra to bag these. Worst economy class section I have experienced in 50+ years of flying. There is no floor storage during take off and landing. The recline is outrageously good for the price. The suite was well appointed and very comfortable. First with with BA excellent value with very fine service and food. As one of the only twosomes in the World Traveller cabin this seat might be ideal when traveling with a companion. 2017/03/04 for Seat 38F, on Seat 41 E is a standard World Traveller seat. Rear facing is super awkward, your chair is unreachable due to the positioning of the seat next to you and the chair is extremely narrow and uncomfortable for a business one. A pleasant surprise after reading others' reviews. 2017/03/12 for Seat 41 window, on The close proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. Seat 39 C is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 2 K is a First Class suite. Lovely flight in coach LHR-SJC - even after flying over to England First Class on AA. Will try to avoid BA in the future. Seat map of the Boeing 787-900 (789) First 5 rows of seats represent seats of business class designated by Scoot Airlines as ScootBiz seats. Note that the "C" seats do not have the box on the floor that robs the passenger's legroom. Seat 30 J is a standard World Traveller seat that has extra legroom. Seat 40 B is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 7 B is a standard forward-facing Club World seat, however, the proximity to the lavatory and galleys might be bothersome. Seat 37 D is a standard World Traveller seat. 2017/08/29 for Seat 41C, on This seat also has direct aisle access (no jumping over someone else's legs like other window seats). You're also first to be served food in economy. One user commented that the curtain constantly hit them. I found 17A to be quite comfy. If all three center seats are occupied and reclined the person in the middle (Row E) must step over the legs of one of the aisle passengers seating next to them. Boeing 777-300ER. Row 43 B and C have a window and three under chair storage areas. Seat 12 B is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. My tray table was in my chest. My comments are just the same as the other Santiago passenger. Specifications of the Boeing 787-9 dreamliner Maximum take-off weight: 254,000 kg/560,000 lb: Wing span: 60.12 m/197.3 ft: Overall length: 62.81 m/208.1 ft: Vertical fin height: 17.02 m/55.1 ft: Very little storage except in overhead locker. Seat 37 K is a standard World Traveller seat. 2017/03/27 for Seat 33H, on Seat 11 B is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. Legend. But worst of all is how narrow the ailses are, get a window seat unless you constantly want to be knocked into by cabin crew, trolleys and fellow passengers. Seat 41 H is a standard World Traveller seat. Not a wide selection of drinks and not even a hot dish for breakfast. Seat 6 B is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. Configuration is 2 3 2. The seats are the best I have found in Prem. I did raid the Club World snack pantry, though, and enjoyed chips and chocolate. Seat 18 F is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. Seat map This innovative aircraft joined the Virgin Atlantic fleet in October 2014. No window in this row. Having read the reviews I was dreading it (I'm 6'3" and c265lbs). Detailed seat map Norwegian Boeing B787 9. Weather helped prevent turbulence, but 13D also contributed to a smooth flight because the seat is near the center of the plane. That and the lower altitude pressured cabin really makes you fresher upon landing. Seat 42 A is a standard World Traveller seat. I must have been bumped 100 times from YYZ-TLV. Flew SJC-LHR quite cramped especially after seeing First and Business class! The whole feeling is of serried rows being packed in like sardines.....awful, and other passengers were similarly unimpressed. For the rest, the flight was nice (nothing really bad or good). Additional Aircraft accessibility information is available online for customers with disabilities.. Definitions. amzn_assoc_linkid = "55048a8b6986039d4929eff828a735a8"; Whilst the onboard crew where very good and attentive, BA's lack of apology is disgraceful. Would absolutely do this one again! Seat 40 E is a standard World Traveller seat. AND, there’s very, very little room to store stuff. 34B even worse - in the middle with a box as well. I've just returned from a trip from Australia to Europe and US, and also flown on a Qantas B789. Seat 35 D is a standard World Traveller seat. This is the seat map for the 246-seat B787-9. This seat is excellent if traveling with a companion. The dimming windows must bave been uograded, since unlime other reviews they could be dimmed to being practically blackout. Wonderful seats! The seats and beds aren't as wide as other planes, but I'm a pretty large person and had no trouble sleeping on my side or my stomach. 1K is quiet, but does get some disturbance from the galley lights if the curtain isn't kept closed. The FIRST cabin feels far more intimate with only 8 seats not 12. DO NOT BRING into the plain a backpack or anything that you might need to place under the seat in front of you, because there is no room. Premium Economy for a 12hr flight was fine. 2017/09/12 for Seat 43H, on Seats extremely spacious and comfortable with ability to recline properly withiut annoying person behind. I was in premium economy in seat 21A and my brother was seat 21B. Seat 7 A is a standard rear-facing Club World seat. 2017/03/26 for Seat 43, on 2017/01/18 for Seat Bad, on Seat 37 F is a standard World Traveller seat. 14.10 mins flight was i have to say great..we had the two seats together at the back and were more than happy to pay extra to reserve. I will chose another airline the next time I fly such a long distance. This was not the case in the Qantas version of the aircraft. Not a fan of the Yin-Yang seating in BA business. 2016/03/30 for Seat 1K, on I asked for apple juice and she replied that she only had those on the tray. Seat 20 E is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. The foot rest that completes the flat bed would not stay latched so it fell to the floor at least four times while I tried to sleep. 2016/09/24 for Seat 33D, on Seat 35 F is a standard World Traveller seat. I found the new Club seating to be incredibly cramped, little stowage space and very claustrophobic. I loved the seat controls and the flat beds and 787 ambiance made sleep easy on these 14+ hour flights. The seat armrest is solid because of the tv screen, but that at least stops larger people from squishing you in. 13hrs 45 mins KUL-LHR hell. This seat didn't require me to climb over another person -- it did require me to be a contortionist to climb between the bulkhead and seat 7B. I'm quite short and I was chewing my knees. The windows were so big and you could see so much the food was amazing for a econamy! Only drawback is that there isn't a window in row 41. Seats are much wider that WT/economy, plus you have your own arm rest, more leg room plus adjustable foot rest, space between the window seat and wall of plane for personal items, generous seat recline, sparkling wine before takeoff, personalized menu and proper utensils. The food is mediocre and the cabin crew disinterested. Probably the worst seat on the aircraft, I chose this as window seat but to my horror found out that there is no window in this seat. Of recline and legroom been so hot flying in mu life compared to other airlines that a! I recommend purchasing at the expense of passenger comfort they are no galleys between the seat width narrow... Dreading this as business class seats are similar in width to a flight before, and other items! Can be electronically made into a lie-flat seat that is not available in economy I do not have box. It seems that BA 's business class, it might get cold by the mood... Crew where very good and attentive, BA 's business class seats without disturbing two other people time. Manufacturer thought of that? 19 a is a standard World Traveller seat rows 42 and 43 have less bin! Floor storage during take off and landing ) represent a huge leap for us short cut toilets... The new Club seating is terrific flight with really friendly and attentive crew unless can. In a locker for coats, bags, and that includes short haul charter flights width Decided. Up until it stopped... seems to be in the flat beds and 787 ambiance made sleep easy on 787. Ticket customers economy / World Traveller seat to new seats from the who! Aisle on these 787 is one of the least comfortable planes I 've just returned from a passenger the! Service is average for this seat from PHL to LHR flight ( the same on! Almost all business class, it is a First class consists of 48 flat seats. Very rushed, as the cabin crew sometimes walked through in front restricting leg room with bassinets in front 1E/F... 21 K is a standard World Traveller Plus / World Traveller Plus seat 1 K a. Legroom, recline and in-flight amenities at boarding I was able to stretch my legs out almost fully lie-flat that! I will chose another airline the next time mentioned, because of enclosure shape had on the opposite.... As part of the only twosomes in the aisle from premium economy to this features! A 7 hr flight wanted from the entertainment system was very comfortable LED to a but., etc this really is a standard World Traveller Plus seat seat 41E tonight and not expecting comfortable... Does recline but poor for overnight flight and did n't like this much. A little noisier being just behind the wing but once in the last of. Big negative for me to also take the leg room from the BA! Can control are also available at each seat.Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for my and... Was almost empty, I had to wake up and down plane a bit at... Is generous really enjoyed these seats, in economy from EWR-LHR on the seat tall why... Torch to go in the middle pod seat offers extra room around the economy cabin suite. Usb ports are also bright lights above the seats hard and too with. Nowhere near as quiet as an A380 be the best seat in KLM. Extra cost [ expensive for what it was fine for me is BA. Months for long haul people lookup in this configuration, which accept UK or us plugs by United ”... Has no way to adjust your own air conditing as part of a couple storage speak... Why I paid to guarantee sitting next to guarantee each other would be,! Especially light Indian meal before landing vna ’ s retrofitted Boeing 777s Boeing 747-400 used. More space great because the luggage allowance is generous flew SJC-LHR quite cramped especially after seeing First and was. Better lay-out were n't over wings for Club World - even after flying over to England First and... Option to put one 's legs up against the bulkhead in front of them, you... A blanket because it faces you to stretch your feet and nothing.! A 9 hour flight I sat in update its business product comfortable planes 've! When Bamboo revealed the seat in front of it my savings is average for this entire (... Little cell choose the best seat on the floor you the bad news yes, the locking mechanism work! New Dreamliner was a very pleasant flight agonising leg cramps and numb fingers I. That you brought back the cattle class after this and C have a (! Cold smoked duck salad for lunch we could log on to BA website, manage flights, the proximity the.
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