The Haifa Cable Car gondola lift consists of six cabins and connects Bat Galim on the coast to the Stella Maris observation deck and monastery atop Mount Carmel. [105], The neighborhood of Wadi Salib, located in the heart of downtown Haifa, is being redeveloped. [108] In addition, the ammonia depository tank in the Haifa bay industrial zone will be dismantled, and a new one built in an alternative location. [158], As of 2006[update]–07, Haifa had 70 elementary schools, 23 middle schools, 28 academic high schools and 8 vocational high schools. Between 2005 and 2006, 86,037 visited the shrine. The concentration of Haifa MAP™ solutions can be increased according to leaf age. Israel Tourist Maps, Topographical Maps of Israel, Map of 12 Tribes, Map of the British Mandate, Yehuda and Shomron Maps, Highway 6 Map, Jerusalem Maps, Haifa Maps, Tel-Aviv Maps, Beer Sheva Maps [130], A 2007 report commissioned by the Haifa Municipality calls for the construction of more hotels, a ferry line between Haifa, Acre and Caesarea, development of the western anchorage of the port as a recreation and entertainment area, and an expansion of the local airport and port to accommodate international travel and cruise ships. [125] As part of his campaign to bring culture to Haifa, Mayor Abba Hushi provided the artist Mane-Katz with a building on Mount Carmel to house his collection of Judaica, which is now a museum. The results of municipal elections decide on the makeup of the council, similarly to the Knesset elections. You don't have to browse through several websites and compare prices to find cheap car rental in Haifa — we will do it for you! Show map of Northern Haifa region of Israel, Haifa al-Jadida (New Haifa) and modern Haifa, Persian and Hellenistic period: near Shikmona. It had a population of 32 Muslim households and paid taxes on wheat, barley, summer crops, olives, and goats or beehives. Always bear in mind that with and the best price is guaranteed! Follow relate airport hotel guides for accommodation booking. These buses, operating with hybrid engines, follow optical strips embedded in designated lanes of roads, providing tram-like public transportation services. The local Arab national committee tried to stabilize the situation by organizing garrison, calming the frightened residents and to stop the flight. The company sells a wide range of quality products in more than 100 countries through 16 subsidiaries spread throughout the world. [17], Haifa was apparently uninhabited at the time the Ottoman Empire conquered Palestine in 1516. Haifa has over a dozen museums. )[86] There is also a Scandinavian Seamen Protestant church, established by Norwegian Righteous Among the Nations pastor Per Faye-Hansen. [53], Under the British Mandate, Haifa saw large-scale development and became an industrial port city. Above Hadar are affluent neighborhoods such as the Carmel Tzarfati (French Carmel), Merkaz HaCarmel (Carmel Center), Romema, Ahuzat HaCarmel (Ahuza), Carmeliya, Vardiya, Ramat Golda, Ramat Alon and Hod Ha'Carmel (Denya). 5% were in special education. [49] The First Aliyah of the late 19th century and the Second Aliyah of the early 20th century saw Jewish immigrants, mainly from Eastern Europe, arrive in Haifa in significant numbers. At the same time, the Arab population also swelled by an influx of migrants, coming mainly from surrounding villages as well as the Syrian Hauran. Welcome to the Haifa google satellite map! How to find a Postal Code. gender segregated) lines. [43][44] When the Egyptian occupation ended and Acre declined, the importance of Haifa rose. [109], Another plan seeks to turn the western section of Haifa Port into a major tourism and nightlife center, as well as a functioning point of embarkation and arrival for sea travel. [132] The principal Arabic theater servicing the northern Arab population is the al-Midan Theater. In 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Haifa during his unsuccessful campaign to conquer Palestine and Syria, but he soon had to withdraw; in the campaign's final proclamation, Napoleon took credit for having razed the fortifications of "Kaïffa" (as the name was spelled at the time) along with those of Gaza, Jaffa and Acre. Haifa has developed in tiers, from the lower to the upper city on the Carmel. [6] In the 3rd century CE, Haifa was known as a dye-making center. Jews constituted one-eighth of Haifa's population, almost all of whom were recent immigrants from Morocco and Turkey who lived in the Jewish Quarter, which was located in the eastern part of the town. The last festival was held in 1995 with Sheryl Crow, Suede and Faith No More as headliners. Haifa, city, northwestern Israel. [132] The Congress Center hosts exhibitions, concerts and special events.[133]. There are several options how to link to our maps — including no elsewhere to find free google maps gazetteer search, ready to use on your website. [27], In about the 3rd century CE, Haifa was first mentioned in Talmudic literature, as a Jewish fishing village and the home of Rabbi Avdimi and other Jewish scholars. [112] In 2014, a new major plan for the city was proposed, under which extensive development of residential, business, and leisure areas will take place with the target of increasing the city's population by 60,000 by 2025. Haifa has 4 professional basketball club, Maccabi Haifa. The principal port of the country, it lies along the Bay of Haifa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. To the west and east of Hadar are the Arab neighborhoods of Abbas and Khalisa, built in the 1960s and 70s. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Haifa, Haifa District. Following their victory at the Battle of Hattin, Saladin's Ayyubid army captured Haifa in mid-July 1187 and the city's Crusader fortress was destroyed. It is the largest k-12 school in Israel, with 4,000 students in 7 branches, all over the city. Continued Jewish immigration gradually raised the Jewish population of Haifa, and included a small number of Ashkenazi families, most of whom opened hotels for Jewish migrants coming into the city. [28], In 1742, Haifa was a small village and had a Jewish community composed mainly of immigrants from Morocco and Algeria which had a synagogue. [97] Spring arrives in March when temperatures begin to increase. It has 18 faculties and 42 research institutes. [47], The first major wave of Jewish immigration to Haifa took place in the mid-19th century from Morocco, with a smaller wave of immigration from Turkey a few years later. The University of Haifa, founded in 1963, is at the top of Mt. [89] Another of the Carmel neighborhoods is Kababir, home to the National Headquarters of Israel's Ahmadiyya Community;[102] located near Merkaz HaCarmel and overlooking the coast. Moreover, Haifa hotel map is available where all hotels in Haifa are marked. [12], The earliest named settlement within the area of modern-day Haifa was a city known as Sycaminum. Map of Haifa area hotels: Locate Haifa hotels on a map based on popularity, price, or availability, and see Tripadvisor reviews, photos, and deals. The earliest known settlement in the vicinity was Tell Abu Hawam, a small port city established in the Late Bronze Age (14th century BCE). [60] In 1938, 52,000 Jews and 51,000 Muslims and Christians lived in Haifa.[61]. [146], Before 1948, Haifa's Municipality was fairly unusual as it developed cooperation between the mixed Arab and Jewish community in the city, with representatives of both groups involved in the city's management.