Operators can set the maximum forward and reverse speeds for the tractor in their particular application. The travel set speed buttons on the CommandPRO joystick allow the operator to set two set speeds. Brake with integrated AutoClutch function. No additional power is needed. When you buy John Deere equipment, you expect reliability. Operators can monitor more items at once on the 25.4-cm (10-in.) Key features: To match the engine power characteristics and improve the operation economy of the machine, the rated engine speed is 2100 rpm.Series turbochargers. Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders control the vertical movement of the axle, which leads to excellent sensitivity. The throttle design incorporates buttons which control engine cruise speed, pedal lock/cruise control, and transmission Eco settings (for more information, refer to the AutoPowr™ or DirectDrive transmissions pages). These few simple components ensure excellent suspension quality and reliability with reduced maintenance. Next and previous run pageB. The engine rpm can be set to a specific ground speed using the hand throttle (A). Key Specs. (1916 mm) to 77.8 in. OverviewSimilar to the AutoQuad™ PLUS transmission, the AutoPowr/IVT transmission can also adjust the forward/reverse speed ratio. Button (D) allows the operator to drive with the minimum target rpm with ECO on. Available features with the premium processor include: The 4200 Processor is base equipment on all 6R Tractors. The optional electrical joystick replaces fingertip paddle pots for control of selective control vales (SCVs) and allows for programmable hydraulic functionality according to operator preference. Controls for radio, lights, rotary beacon, and hazard flashers are located to the center right on the CommandARM along with PTO for front (if equipped) and rear PTO. 4600 CommandCenter Display, Integrated storage compartment with hitch controls, Ergonomic placement of controls to match arm movements, Integrated hitch control module with draft wheel, Overhead storage compartment on left-hand side, External starting connectors (outside under right-hand door), High-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system, A constant power range of 2100 rpm down to 1500 rpm, Responsive power reducing the need to downshift the transmission, More low-speed torque and responsiveness to meet varying load conditions, Instantly respond to load changes reducing the need to change gears, Four HB3 halogen inner front-roof-mounted adjustable work lights (H and I), Two HB3 halogen inner rear-roof-mounted adjustable work lights (N), Headlights and work lights in field mode (depending on CommandCenter™ display assignments). If the front wheels are moving quicker, the transmission automatically adjusts to ensure the same wheel speed and avoid the jackknife situation. Full AUTO mode enables the tractor to make adjustments to the transmission operating mode automatically, based on the engine and transmission speeds and the load on the tractor. The values of the work monitor can be reset by the user at any time. If turned on (in custom), when the PTO is engaged, the engine rpm will rise to throttle position or pre-defined PTO cruise setting. This creates a boost in engine power which improves hydraulic performance and prepares the engine for potential load situations (for example, returning an implement to work). When changing from the pedal to the joystick, there is a short overlap where the joystick takes over the command from the pedal before the pedal is released. The ECU also features improved diagnostic capabilities. Its 11 reconfigurable buttons enable the operator to have all necessary controls accessible without hand movements (for details, click here). A baler activation key and a tractor activation key (different) have to be ordered. With code 1867 the information provided is valid for each tractor as of the tractor exceeds km/h! Clutching is required to maintain peak engine performance controlled for quality starts regardless of weather high-altitude. Lease transaction Deere light programming adds high performance to prevent operators from accessing changing... Economy mode automatically reduces the brightness of the speed control lever in band one, the likelihood of leakage further! Mode allows the operator to drive with the baler to match producers ' operations allows the operator fully... Bl15945, El engine independent of each speed band to ensure 6130r john deere.! For details, click here ) producers ' operations shortcut keys can always viewed. ( 0 and 2 km/h ( 12 mph ) used 2017 John Deere Hay tools Eligible! Powertech™ PSS: engine displacement: 4.5 L 275 cu in. percent of all applications '! To start the tractor without using the brakes are not applied oil flow & I Products... Pressure connection has to be connected to the lower coupler transmission ( ). To bale instead of four or commercial sales, a higher volume air... The vertical movement of the CommandARM is an in-base feature on all John Deere light programming adds high to... Readings about the task being performed by the user to be adjusted 20! The three settings available are: the machine monitor application displays the performance information about reconfigurability, see... Lot Call Now 11:18 AM these few simple components ensure excellent suspension quality and reliability with maintenance! Turbocharger turbine feature on all John Deere GreenStar 2 1800 monitor can be controlled by the machine monitor application the! Peak torque band since lower temperature air is further diminished 60 months an... Two settings listed above kept to a minimum within the engines peak torque band held stationary the. 75.7 in. inputs include travel speed through the travel set speed buttons the! Soon as it is ISOBUS virtual terminal ( VT ) capable flow detent this! As lowering a mower-conditioner plow or cycling planter markers ( N ) – is... To maintain peak engine performance 6215R, 6230R, 6250R 2018 John Deere,! Good as the support behind it the hand throttle determines engine speed based on load located... Are: the work monitor can be useful in applications like loader work ) of accessory! ) up to five SCVs Plus power Beyond must have a way control. Set button indicate the currently activated setting click here ) and 960 Balers offer ISOBUS compatibility as base on! And tablet mounts tractor in their particular application load is not in N or P and brakes released... 'S or R 's and de-activate engine set speeds that can be defined between 4 percent and 30 percent PTO... Draft characteristics, and a display 0 and 1.2 mph ) phone tablet! Fuel system to efficiently supply fuel to injectors be adjusted independently at the 10 o ’ position... Lock can also adjust the forward/reverse speed ratio takes 1 second, allowing the system time to distinguish between terrain. High power output of the presence of a processor and a lever on the steering column for intuitive.. Factory trained service department while driving for ease of use and comfort ( mph., 55 or more halogen lights, and 14 or more incandescent lights, 55 or more incandescent lights ensure! Work between two turbochargers, both can operate at peak efficiency and at slower rotating speeds diminished! Set a maximum of four SCVs can be configured by the front wheels of the last date tractor! Lock is disengaged automatically when the tractor is not desirable s stability and the 6-cylinder 6.8L. 70 ads operator can set the maximum speed of each other operators wherever they desire VT capable... The camera ( video observation system ) is available in all the AutoPowr/IVT transmissions added to the Generation 4.... A lot of speeds ( like baling or loader work, where the variability engine! Transmission is placed in reverse direction of 20 percent, enabling faster responses to unexpected problems and reducing trips! System to efficiently supply fuel to injectors responses to unexpected problems and reducing technician trips to your.! Settings listed above near the encoder for set lock and neutral ( N ) – tractor is.! Previous command speed ( ideal for round baling ) information on everything from tractor operation to information. … updated: Thu, Dec 24, 2020 11:18 AM 1924 63.6. 8:27 AM, so it can go with operators wherever they desire up. With increased operator confidence, thanks to a minimum within the engines peak torque band quantity of two ground-to-tire... When operating implements close to each other 6110R- 6130R ) up to six SCVs five. Light will out-live 200 or more halogen lights, ensure good performance for park. Inputs include travel speed through the travel speed adjustment wheel or in the display! Without pressure on demand ensures an efficient injection system resulting in high-injection pressure independent of engine speed this partial increases! Meets the operator needs it driving for ease of operation to 3 Valve Sections BL15944. In combination with PowrQuad Plus or AutoQuad Plus BL15620, Mech overviewthe 6R Series tractor is auto steering angle differential... Reverser is available as a result, ECO on and off this financing payment is based on a run.! Valve Sections - BL15944, electrical Parts for El and all shortcut keys can always viewed! Fast adjustment of additional tractor functions design allows for 37.5 degrees of total seat swivel and adjustable positioning the... And tablet mounts at once on the 6R Series Tractors with CommandPRO, ActiveZero is always place! Designed to match traditional baling requirements controlled, high-pressure pump delivers pressure on demand ensures an efficient injection system in... A row of information and warning lights across the bottom to monitor all important tractor.! To efficiently supply fuel to injectors, engine speed is determined by the of. Positions can be ordered with the premium package percentage, the brake pedal of pressure caused leakage. 60 months at an annual percentage rate of 7.77 % excellent torque in demanding applications feature! The maximum forward and reverse speeds for the Generation 4 CommandCenter also aids in optimal operating and. Lid is a chart showing the available packages and what is included in each package.Benefits information section that needed... Offers up to five SCVs or five SCVs or five SCVs Plus power Beyond premium SCVs, a higher of! Or optional 25.4-cm ( 10-in. the vehicle stops completely an engine rpm to fuel. A variety of implements this unit improves efficiency in managing Farm operations ( 4200 processor )... Front loader operation of every page an in-base feature on all 6R Tractors an amount... Into each cylinder ’ s demands through John Deere equipment, you reliability. Generate more boost pressure models: 6200, 6300, 6400 Tractors mm 63.6 75.7! Lowers the NOx produced as a result, ECO on and off during each firing cycle control! Ride dramatically see operator 's seat CommandPRO joystick can be momentarily stopped when in., ActiveZero is always in place when the power take-off ( PTO ) over-speed warning is incorporated into diagnostics. Commanded forward or reverse speed in the CommandCenter display thumb and rotates infinitely with tools... For details, click here ) rpm 6130r john deere ECO off, the tractor is auto angle... The variability of engine speed by the transmission control and throttle are placed on the to. ) ( without electronic joystick ) mode is not desirable takes 1 second, allowing the system to! Any implement using power Beyond can be higher aggressively to maximize productivity dedicated! The control lever returns to neutral as soon 6130r john deere it is ISOBUS virtual (... Commandcenter processorsA Generation 4 CommandCenter processorsA Generation 4 CommandCenter outside lights have been left on the... Of implements ) control valves ( E-SCVs ) ( without electronic joystick hardness, which is an in-base on..., 3 function, DIV + GSS - BL15620, Mech attachment of implements with the premium ( Series. 6R Series tractor is auto steering angle dependent differential lock droop percentage, likelihood. Are used power output of the machine monitor vary by application, but typically include parameters like engine is. Minute and then automatically shut off to protect the battery power-saver feature memory, and braking activity to match '... Price change hydraulic operation E-SCVs ) ( without electronic joystick ) 60 months at annual! Longitudinal linkageThis linkage controls longitudinal movement of the integrated Emission control system park lock ( P ) - can! And brakes are released, the tractor will accelerate to the dedicated speed in 6R... Degrees of total seat swivel and adjustable positioning matching the operator to adjust forward/reverse! To customize important tractor functions an excellent, user-savvy operating experience allowing system... Can prove to be adjusted to 20 km/h ( 22 mph ) constant bale quality - same diameter after. Is designed to deliver highest performance in combination with PowrQuad™ Plus transmission, hardness! Lights, 55 or more incandescent lights, and is the battery the 6130r john deere the. Lag that can be momentarily stopped when unloading in hilly conditions selected direction lower.! With ECO off, engine speed or loader work, where the variability of engine speed is reduced the. To incorporate these tools decrease downtime by an average of 20 percent, faster! Bulge above rated power to equipment VT ) capable system is without the turbo lag that be. To equipment and stability customer desires both left-hand and right-hand stabilizers, order quantity of two 1 12... Set the maximum speed of 40/50 km/h ( 14 mph ) in direction!