Bubble Products

We supply Bubble Wrap in numerous grades / Forms / Sizes
We are able to convert into sleeves / pads or pouches 

Traditional (small Bubble)

Stock sizes:

1250mm x 100m2

1250mm x 125m2

625mm x 125m2

416mm x 125m2

312mm x 125m2

Antistatic and heavier gauges are available


Bigger 25mm Bubble

Stock sizes:

1220mm x 48m


Single and double sizes Cushion Kraft

This is Bubble wrap with Kraft paper laminated on either 1 or 2 sides 


Bubblewrap laminate products

We are able to laminate various substrates including LDPE ( printed or plain ) , HDPE , non-woven material and coated paper .



Protective Mailers
REF Stock sizes :
110mm x 160mm
00 120mm x 210mm
0 150mm x 210mm
1 180mm x 260mm
2 220mm x 260mm
3 220mm x 330mm
4 240mm x 330mm
5 270mm x 360mm
6 300mm x 440mm
7 350mm x 490mm